How to Invest in Gold

Deciding on whether you should be investing in gold

UPDATED: March 2022

How to Invest in Gold – Even though it can be questionable to say that stocks and gold move in different directions, no one can deny that gold has proved to be one of the safest ways to invest when the stock market is in a crisis. Keeping in mind the current global situation now may be the best time to invest in gold. The turbulence of the financial markets has made investors scramble for alternate investments. While we don’t recommend abandoning stock investments, you can find a suitable alternative to invest in, and gold is the best option.

How to Invest in Gold

When investing in gold, most people assume that they have to buy 400-ounce gold bars or own precious metal. Those aren’t the only way to invest in gold, and we will share some of the best ways you can invest in gold. These include:

1. Buy Gold ETNs

ETNs or exchange-traded notes are considered to be debt instruments that are tied to an underlying investment. Gold is the underlying investment in gold ETNs, and you will hold a note for a specific amount of time, and when it matures, you will be paid based on how the underlying gold performs. When buying gold ETNs, you should know that it’s not a direct investment in gold but instead an investment in gold-related instruments.

You can hold them in either short or long positions, and there is the possibility you lose some or all of your investment. Therefore, we don’t recommend using this tactic if you aren’t familiar with the gold industry intimately.

2. Buy Gold ETFs

When investing in gold, exchange-traded funds are the most convenient way, as a gold ETF signifies gold in which you buy shares. You can trade them like stocks, and it gives you the benefit that most investment brokers waive their ETFs trading fees. That is because it converts physical assets into paper assets that can be held easily in your portfolio with other assets.

ETFs provide beginners with the best and easiest way to invest in gold, and you can buy and sell through the biggest investment brokerages. The gold ETF gives you the advantage of indirect ownership for physical gold, and it’s a less risky option than others.

3. Buy Gold Bullion

You can buy gold bullion in bar form or coins, and in each case, you will pay the per-ounce price for gold along with a small markup charged by the seller. You can buy gold coins through local coin shops or national dealers that are well-established and handle different precious metals. Bars come in amounts that are between 400 ounces and one gram. As no minting is involved, there have a lower markup, and wealthy investors can buy larger bars if they don’t want to hold many coins.

Conclusion to How to Invest in Gold

When investing in gold, make sure you understand the market and how well gold is doing before deciding to invest. You can invest in gold in several ways, and the best option for you will depend on your financial goals.


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