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About BuyBack Analytics, LLCWe will keep you informed of the announcements corporations make related to their share repurchase plans, and our dashboard will inform you of all insider activity for all the stocks listed on the major U.S. exchanges. Set up your account today.

Buyback Analytics, LLC

Buyback Analytics is a robust platform providing you with timely share repurchase and insider activity info and guidance. Both buyback and insider trading can signal a future move in a stock’s price.

You therefore can benefit by gaining an insider’s insight into what companies and their insiders are doing in the stock marketplace.


See the results of your screen in Charts – Thus giving you easy visuals of what is happening.


Set-up watchlist of those stocks engaged in share repurchase or those that are seeing a lot of insider activity. Thus, you can stay on top of what is going on!

Email Alerts

Receive email alerts when Insider or repurchase activity occurs for those stocks in your watchlist.

Set up your account today!

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