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Information about insider trading, share repurchase, and other related topics.

Understanding how share buybacks work for a company

How Share Buybacks Work

Share buybacks, also known as share repurchases, occur when a company purchases its shares from the market to reduce the number of shares in circulation. It’s misunderstood by many investors,
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Making sense of insider trading as an investor

Effects of Insider Trading on Stocks

No one can deny that insider trading in the stock market is illegal, and there are severe penalties for perpetrators. If you are found guilty of trading in the stock
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5 Ways to Prevent Insider Trading in Your Company

5 Ways to Prevent Insider Trading in Your Company

There has been plenty of attention given to insider trading, and it has generated a lot of publicity for people who have been guilty of insider trading. No company wants
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Find out about the risks associated with share repurchases

Share Repurchases and the Associated Risks

In recent years, share repurchases have skyrocketed as companies prioritize spending their funds on stock buyback programs instead of investing for the future. These share repurchases have become a hot
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Find out what is the big deal with stock buybacks and why companies prefer them

Stock Buybacks: A Mountain or a Molehill?

There has been a lot said and written about stock buybacks in recent times, especially after the record-breaking numbers that it put up in 2018. The people who support stock
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Financial Organizations and the insider threats they face

5 Types of Insider Threats in Financial Organizations

All organizations face the threat of cyberattacks equally, but financial organizations are the ones that are most vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. The main concern for these organizations is the level
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The different ways you can create value for shareholders

5 Ways to Create Shareholder Value

As an organization, you always look for new ways to create value for your shareholders. After all, they are the ones who have invested in company stock, and you want
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Find out whether stock buybacks are in your favor or not

Are Stock Buybacks a Good Thing or Not?

When looking at the stock buyback figures, an investor can quickly recognize that the number of companies involved in this practice has increased. You don’t need to look at a
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Everything you should know about dividend stocks investing

Pros and Cons of Dividend Stocks Investing

It is a well-established fact that dividend stock payments offer you one of the best investment options for your portfolio. However, like all investments, it has its pros and cons.
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How to predict stock prices with insider trading

Predicting Stock Performance Using Insider Activity

Insider trading activity can be difficult to predict as you need to understand the motivations of insiders when they are trading in company stocks. That makes predicting stock performance using
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