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Advantages and Disadvantages of Share Buybacks

UPDATED: March 2022

Advantages and Disadvantages of Share Buybacks – These days, many companies are currently employing share buyback programs to improve the share prices and move the company forward. Share buybacks are a positive intention by the company with many advantages to be gained. However, in some instances, it can also backfire as there are some disadvantages of share buybacks. We are going to look at both of them in detail in this post to better inform you.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Share Buybacks

It should be first noted that share buybacks occur between two parties, the company and the shareholders. There are also several methods through which share buybacks occur, which gives companies a greater range of options when considering implementing a share buyback program. If you think that share buyback is something your company should be interested in, here are the advantages and disadvantages of share buybacks.

Advantages of Share Buybacks

* Greater Flexibility

By nature, share buybacks are flexible because the share buyback program is implemented for a long period, which is different from cash dividends, as they have to be paid straight away. The company is also under no obligation to conduct the share buyback program, as it has the authority to either modify it or cancel it depending on their needs. The shareholders also have freedom of choice since they can hold on to the shares and not sell them back to the company.

* Tax Benefits

In certain countries, share buyback programs offer tax incentives to the company. They have lower capital gain tax in comparison to the dividend tax rate. Also, share buybacks are taxed under the category of capital gain taxes, which means investors will be interested in share repurchase instead of cash dividends in these countries.

* Can Be Used as a Signal

In general, share buybacks are seen as a positive signal because the company thinks its shares are undervalued and is confident that they will grow. There is also the possibility that the company doesn’t have any profitable opportunities for reinvestment, and that’s what’s making it repurchase the shares. That is a negative signal for investors, and they can analyze this to understand which direction the company is heading.

Disadvantages of Share Buybacks

* Unrealistic Picture of Ratios

The share repurchase program can improve certain ratios such as ROE, EPS, and ROA. The increase in the ratios is mainly down to reducing outstanding shares rather than profitability, which isn’t an organic profit growth. Therefore, the share buyback can paint an unrealistic picture about the performance of the company.

* Judgment Error in Valuation

Even though the company’s management has access to all the insider information, they can still make an error in the company’s valuation. If the repurchase was implemented to support the undervaluation, but the company didn’t properly estimate the prospects, it will make the entire buyback program unnecessary.


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