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Learn the Effect of Buyback on Share Price

UPDATED: March 2022

Learn the Effect of Buyback on Share Price – Share buybacks have increased in popularity over the past decade. Companies have started repurchasing a percentage of their outstanding shares from shareholders. It’s a standard way that companies use to redistribute wealth back to their shareholders. The company’s share price is also affected when a buyback occurs because it means that the company is confident about the future earnings per growth.

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Learn the Effect of Buyback on Share Price

That boosts shareholders and investors’ confidence who are inclined to stay with the company for the long-term. A share repurchase also impacts the earnings per share (EPS) positively, and this is what investors are looking for when they buy a company’s shares.

Why Companies Do Share Repurchases

Most companies choose to conduct regular share repurchases and increase their dividends to pay back and reward their shareholders. A company can choose to initiate a share buyback for several reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • The balance sheet has extra cash reserves
  • There isn’t any alternative option for investments
  • The company wants to build confidence and check falling share prices
  • The company wants to reduce its market cap and strategically increase EPS
  • The company wants to pay less dividend to shareholders and decrease their taxes
  • The company wants to prevent a hostile takeover or increase its share prices

When a company repurchases its shares, it is generally assuming that its stock is undervalued and wants to repurchase them to increase its price.

Effect of Buyback on Share Price

A company can strategically increase the price of its shares by repurchasing its outstanding shares in the market. When there is a shortfall of shares, the shares’ price will increase dramatically. The company’s financial statement will be affected by a share repurchase as it will reduce the total assets and cash holding of the company in the balance sheet.

The shareholder equity will also be reduced, which will improve performance metrics like Return on Assets (RoA) and Return on Equity (RoE). That’s the reason why so many companies choose to buy back their shares.

Conclusion to Learn the Effect of Buyback on Share Price

Companies with a steady increase in their share prices are seen as more profitable by investors since they see higher growth potential and earnings potential from the company. A positive image is created about the company in the market, which boosts shareholder’s and investors’ confidence. Therefore, investors are willing to pay premiums for stock prices when they know that there will be steady growth in the shares’ price.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that when a company decides to repurchase its shares, it helps improve its share price in the short run.


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