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The Different Ways to Invest in Foreign Stocks

UPDATED: March 2022

The Different Ways to Invest in Foreign Stocks – So, you’ve decided to invest in foreign stocks but are confused about how you should go about it?

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The Different Ways to Invest in Foreign Stocks

Fear not, because we will share all the different ways you can invest in foreign stocks. Most investors feel that buying a foreign stock is more complicated than buy stock based in the United States. That’s because they aren’t familiar with the different ways to invest in foreign stocks. Here are some of the ways you can employ:

The Different Ways to Invest in Foreign Stocks - BuyBack Analytics
The Different Ways to Invest in Foreign Stocks

1. American Depository Receipts (ADR)

A foreign stock listed on the US market is known as an American Depository Receipt or ADR. Foreign companies must follow laws related to reporting in the United States to be listed as an ADR. Purchasing an ADR is just like purchasing any other stock when entering a trade. This is the first of the different ways to invest in foreign stocks

2. Global Depository Receipts (GDR)

Most companies want their stocks on US markets to access the capital of investors in the United States. The Global Depository Receipt or GDR is similar to an ADR, but multiple stock markets sell the stock. Hence, the shares of one company can be traded on multiple international stock exchanges.

3. International Stock Exchanges

You can trade any stocks listed on the foreign stock exchange if you register directly with them. The world’s biggest stock markets are the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The biggest stock exchanges outside the United States are the London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Euronext, and others. This is the third of the different ways to invest in foreign stocks.

4. Global Mutual Funds

When it comes to mutual funds, they can include bonds, stocks, and other assets. So, when you purchase a mutual fund, you get a piece of several stocks simultaneously. Stocks from outside the US are found in global mutual funds, and it is the best way to purchase foreign stocks and limit your risks, instead of buying the stock of a single company as a GPR or an APR. These funds are charged an annual fee, which will vary depending on the fund type and fund manager.

5. Foreign Direct Investing

The term foreign direct investing is used when investors purchase physical assets in foreign countries, such as purchase buildings or opening plants. These are best for wealthy investors who can invest in an international joint venture or purchase a significant portion of a foreign company.

6. Multinational Corporations

Some US stocks can also act as international investments. For example, the Coca-Cola company sells its products in every country on the planet. Ikea also has stores around the globe. Most companies today have an international component. So, when buying stocks of US companies, remember that most of them operate worldwide. In the global economy, nearly every stock has a small foreign investment. This is the last of the different ways to invest in foreign stocks.


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