Why Stock Buybacks Are Dangerous for the Economy

UPDATED: March 2022

Why Stock Buybacks Are Dangerous for the Economy - Even though the United States is currently going through its biggest economic expansion in recent times, economists are growing concerned that the rising corporate debt is making the economy unstable and vulnerable to a contraction that can spiral out of control. The main cause of concern is the billions of dollars that major U.S. corporations are spending on stock buybacks. The recent trend shows that companies are injecting cash into their own pockets through share repurchases, instead of paying workers fairly, and/or creating or improving products or services.

Why Stock Buybacks Are Dangerous for the Economy

When companies engage in large-scale open share buybacks, they leave themselves vulnerable to an economic downturn. They won't have the liquidity that they need to cope with declining profits and sales, which will mean the risk of the economy collapsing completely. To make matters worse, other companies are following the trend and engaging in more share buybacks. Most corporations are taking on more debt to fund their share buybacks, which is bad management on their behalf.

Why Stock Buybacks Are Bad for the Economy

The economy's future depends on corporations that invest in their R&D departments and focus on empowering their employees. The trend with share buybacks is that corporations are getting greedy and are focusing all their funds on rewarding their top brass. Shareholders are profiting right now but how long that trend continues in their favor is down to the market conditions. If there is a crunch, these companies will find themselves vulnerable as they won't have the funds to withstand the long-term economic crisis.

Share buybacks don't offer companies any productive capabilities and disrupt their labor force and productivity dynamics. The results are anemic productivity, income inequality, and employment instability.

Why Are U.S. Companies Focusing on Stock Buybacks?

The main reason why so many major U.S. companies are focusing on buybacks is that they can control the market and manipulate their stock prices with share repurchase. That way, they can benefit in the short-term, and their investors and shareholders can buy and sell their shares to reap the rewards and cash in on this trend. However, it hurts the economy because companies are not looking at their long-term interests.

By manipulating share prices and getting as much value for their money as possible, companies leave themselves short for any economic downturn. The current situation can't sustain itself for long because companies will soon find out that share buybacks don't propose long-term benefits for them or the economy. It doesn't promote stable economic growth, which is why many people are calling for stock buybacks to be banned.

Whether that comes true or not, the harsh reality is that stock buybacks are currently dominating the market, and they are dangerous for the economy.


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